In case you haven't heard, it's time to formally share some news about the direction of our stores. We have decided that the time has come to re-imagine our businesses, and the best way to this is to close Division IV. Several weeks ago, we announced that we would be also closing up our Parenting Center at Ali's Wagon. At first, it was super hard to come to terms with these decisions, because they are indeed two endings of things that have meant so much to us. But closing the Parenting Center is opening up so much space for us at Ali's Wagon so that we can start to offer much of the inventory that has sold at Division IV. It's true, we can't continue to offer the bigger items that the space at Division IV has afforded us the chance to try out, but it has consistently been the smaller house and home items that our customers have responded to most enthusiastically. So don't fret that any of your favorite products will be going away--they are just moving 4 blocks up to Ali's Wagon! Division IV will be open through the second week of January and then we will be taking the inventory up to Ali's Wagon.

When we started Ali's Wagon, almost 11 years ago, it was a tribute to my friend, Allison, and I took a risk in my life that she was not afforded the time to do. I had a six month old baby and no retail experience. While Division IV did not go the way we hoped it would, growing Ali's Wagon is really exciting, even if a little daunting; please forgive us in these next weeks as we begin to do some rebuilding and rearranging. There will be just a few days that we will need to be fully closed, but the bulk of the transformation will be happening before your eyes, during store hours. We will always be able to help you find what you are looking for, it just may take us a few minutes longer with some stuff tucked away so that other things can get unpacked and folded into inventory.

This picture of my kids last night, on New Year's eve, is my image for the New Year! I wish us all moments of happiness and sheer joy as a kid having room service dessert uncovered. As I look ahead to 2018, I take this spirit of the new and unknown, and I think of the strength of my friend, Allison, and the support of our amazing customers. I promise you that as the dust of remodeling settles, Fairmount will have the best neighborhood store, ever!!

Wishing you all happiness and health,


 A Few Notes: 

The transfer of product from Division IV's location to that of Ali's Wagon will require some time and some, hopefully, minimal chaos. This means as we begin moving things over to Ali's Wagon, we may be lacking in a few things over at Division IV. If you are looking for anything in particular, please feel more than welcome to give us a call at either store and we can point you to the right location! Thank you so much for your patience and for your ongoing support, Fairmount! 

Note about UPS ACCESS POINT: we will be discontinuing the UPS Access Point service at our Division IV location only, so please be aware we will no longer be holding packages in store at 1632 Fairmount. If Division IV is normally your access point and your package is currently en route to us (as off January 9, 2018), contact UPS with your tracking number to ensure it is rerouted to a different access point. If you have a package waiting for you already at Division IV (as of January 8, 2018), please come pick it up at your earliest convenience as we will be returning all non-retrieved packages to a UPS driver at their age-out date. 

For Returns and Exchanges at Division IV, please see us down at Ali's Wagon. If returns/exchanges adhere to our policy - within 30 days with receipt in original condition - we will be glad to honor it at Ali's Wagon. 

For Ali's Wagon Contact: 

phone : (215) 787 - 0611


address: 2017 Fairmount Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130